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EEA Financial Mechanism

Anticancer compound design by structural biothermodynamics (LT0019)

The project aims to design, synthesize, and evaluate novel compounds that bind target proteins and could become candidates for anticancer drug development. The total project amount is 565037 EUR, 85% is a contribution from the EEA Financial Mechanism and 15% from the Government of Lithuania.
Project partners:

┬Ě Dr. Daumantas Matulis, project leader, Head of Laboratory of Biothermodynamics and Drug Design (Institute of Biochemistry)

┬Ě Dr. Saulius Gra┼żulis, Laboratory of Protein-DNA Interaction (Institute of Biotechnology)

┬Ě Dr. Rolandas Me┼íkys, Head of Laboratory of Microbial Engineering (Institute of Biochemistry).
Research activities:

* Molecular cloning, expression, and purification of target proteins,
* Organic synthesis of designed compounds,
* Molecular modeling of novel compounds by in silico methods and the development of biothermody-namic models,
* Measurement of protein-compound interactions by biophysical and enzymatic in vitro techniques,
* Determination of target protein-compound cocrystal structures,
* Compound effect and the mechanism of action on human cancerous cells.

The EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms aim to reduce social and economic disparities within the European Economic Area (EEA). Over a five-year period 2004-2009, approximately 1.17 billion EUR are made available for projects in  priority sectors comprising:

* Protection of the environment with emphasis o┬şn strengthening the administrative capacity to implement relevant acquis and investments in infrastructure and technology with priority given to municipal waste management,
* Sustainable development, conservation of European Cultural heritage,
* Health and childcare,
* Development of human resources,
* Implementation of legislation in the field of internal security and border control, such as support for ÔÇśSchengenÔÇÖ action plans,
* Regional policy and cross-border activities,
* Scientific academic research activities.

Lithuania as one of the beneficiary countries receives funding allocation of 67.3 million EUR.

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