Biotechnologijos institutas yra  mokslini? tyrim? institucija, siekianti užtikrinti valstyb?s pažang? spar?iai besivystan?iose gyvyb?s moksl? ir biotechnologij? srityse, pl?toti tarptautinio lygio molekulin?s biotechnologijos tyrimus, skatinti tarpdisciplininius tyrimus bei mokslo ir verslo bendradarbiavim?

Grants developed till 2013



Small molecule inhibitors of the trimeric influenza virus polymerase complex (FLUINHIBIT). 2008-2010. dr. G.Žvirblis

Strengthening and Sustaining the European Perspectives of Molecular Biotechnology in Lithuania ( MoBiLi). 2009-2013. L.Pašakarnis

Metastatic tumours facilitated by hypoxic tumour micro-environments (METOXIA). 2009-2013.  dr. A.Kanopka

Pan-European Network For The Study And Clinical Management Of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TB PAN-NET). 2009-2013. dr. P.Stak?nas


Meganucleases for gene replacement. 2006-2008. prof. dr. V.Šikšnys

Inhibition of Cancer by Disrupting Interaction Between Polo-like Kinase 1 Polo-box Domain and Spindle Targets. 2006-2008. dr. J.Matulien?

A multidisciplinary approach to the study of DNA enzymes down to the single molecule level. 2005-2009. prof. dr. V.Šikšnys

Targeting newly discovered oxygen sensing cascades for novel cancer treatments, biology equipment, drugs. 2004-2008. dr. A.Kanopka

Molecular modeling-based characterization of protein complexes involved in DNA repair. 2004-2006. dr. ?.Venclovas

Drug design by structural thermodynamics. 2004-2006. dr. D.Matulis

ScanBalt Competence Region – a model case to enhance European competitiveness in life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health on a global scale. 2004-2006. habil. dr. A.Pauliukonis

Rational design and comparative evaluation of novel genetic vaccines. 2004-2008. prof. K.Sasnauskas


Support for the integration of “newly associated states” in the European research area “Biotechnology Centre of Excellence of Lithuania”. 2003-2006

Development of highly special enzymes for genome manipulation. prof. 2003-2004. dr. V.Šikšnys

Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance of Measles. 2002-2005. prof. K.Sasnauskas

Combined immune and gene therapy for chronic hepatitis. 2001-2003. prof. K.Sasnauskas

Comprehensive risk analysis of dioxins: development of methodology to assess genetic susceptibility to developmental disturbances and cancer. 2000-2003. dr. A.Kanopkas

Bivalent hantavirus vaccine for Europe: Different approaches and evaluation in animal models. 1999-2003. prof. K.Sasnauskas


Molecular monitoring and pathological role of HCV, HGV and altered HBV genomes in the Baltic countries. 1998-2001. prof. K.Sasnauskas

Detection, identification and typing of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Baltic countries. 1998-2003. dr. P. Stak?nas

Recombinant viral particulate proteins as tools for new vaccines and diagnostics. 1994-1997. prof. K.Sasnauskas


Structural characterization of protein interactions in DNA replication, repair and recombination processes through molecular modelling. 2006-2010. dr. ?. Venclovas

Towards engineering of restriction enzymes. 2003-2004. prof. dr. V. Šikšnys

Bioinformatics-guided engineering of DNA methyltransferases. 2003-2004. dr. ?. Venclovas

Sequence recognition and base flipping by DNA methyltransferases: Structural studies and redesign for novel functions. 2001-2005. prof. S.Klimašauskas

Principles of restriction enzymes specificity. 2001-2005. prof. dr. V.Šikšnys

Combination of improved methods with expert knowledge to derive models of protein structure at low sequence homology. 2001-2005. dr. ?.Venclovas

Mechanisms of specific protein-DNA recognition and modification. 1996-2000. prof. S.Klimašauskas


Methylome profiling via DNA Methyltransferase directed labelling. 2008-2010. prof. S. Klimašauskas

Approaches for genomic mapping of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine a novel epigenetic mark in mammalian DNA. 2010-2013. prof. S. Klimašauskas


Cross-talk between functional domains of BfiI restriction endonuclease. 2005-2006. prof. dr. V. Šikšnys

Restriction enzymes with novel restriction mechanisms. 2001-2003. prof. dr. V.Šikšnys

Calorimetric Studies of DNA- Restriction Enzyme Interactions. 1999-2001. prof. dr. V.Šikšnys


Building of Infrastructure for Proteomics Research. 2007-2008

Improving Skills of Researchers in Proteomics. 2007-2008

Establishment of Post Doc Internship in Natural Sciences. 2006-2008

Gaining Practical Skills in Biotechnology during Postgraduate Studies. 2006-2008

Improving Skills of Researchers in Material Science, Biotechnology and Environmental Investigations. 2006-2007

Improving Quality of Human Resources in Research and Innovation. 2006-2007

Agricultural and Forest Biotechnology Research Network. 2005-2006

Improving Quality of Human Resources in Agricultural Biotechnology and Forestry Investigations. 2005-2006

Training of Postgraduates and Ph. D. Students in Agricultural and Forest Biotechnology. 2005-2006

Strengthening of Experimental Basis for Interdisciplinary Research in Material Science, Biotechnology and Environmental Investigations. 2005-2006

Developing Skills and Competence of Researchers and Experts in Genomics for Cardiology. 2005-2006

Introducing to scientific community investigations on  stem cells and cells of higher differentiation. 2005-2006


Anticancer drug design by structural biothermodynamics. 2008-2010. dr. D.Matulisx


The development of innovative biocatalytic stain remover. 2011-2013. Dr. I. Matijošyt?

Development of innovative biotechnology for oil base lubricant production. 2011-2013. Dr. I. Matijošyt?.

Development of microfluidics technology for monodisperse vesicles production and improved drug delivery. 2012-2013. Dr .L. Mažutis


High-Technology Development programme

Development of new tools for improved laboratory diagnosis of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and HPV-related cancer. 2009-2010. dr. A.Žvirblien?

Development of Yeast expression system by using proteomic approach and gene engineering. 2008-2010. prof. K.Sasnauskas

New enzymes and technologies for epigenome analysis. 2007-2009. prof. S.Klimašauskas

Structural and functional studies of T4 phage replisome. 2007-2009. prof. dr. V.Šikšnys

Generation of new monoclonal antibodies directed to desired epitopes using chimeric virus-like particles. 2005-2006. dr. A.Žvirblien?

New molecular tools for biotechnology. 2003-2006. prof. V.Šikšnys

Enhanced surveillance of respiratory viruses. 2003-2006. prof. K.Sasnauskas

Industrial Biotechnology Programme

Development of diagnostic tools for Merkel cell polyoma virus. 2009-2010. dr.  R.Slibinskas

Development of anti-cytolysin monoclonal antibodies designed to neutralize the toxic cytolysins of the pathogenic bacteria. 2008-2010. r. E. Mištinien?

Search for novel biofuel components and technological investigations to produce second generation biofuel. 2007-2009. dr. B. Surin?nait?

Design of technologies of recombinant proteins for prolonged  therapy. 2007-2009. dr. G.Žvirblis

Use of biotechnological methods for carbonic anhydrase inhibitors  search. 2007-2009. dr. D.Matulis

Engagement of metagenomic analysis of extremophile viruses from hot underground waters of Lithuania searching for the new enzymes. 2007-2009. r. A.Gedvilait?

Detection of phytoplasmas and viroids in plants valuable for industrial biotechnology  and their removal. 2007-2009. dr. R. Abraitis