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Joint life sciences open access center





Developing Programme for the Lithuanian Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) SANTARA approved by Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of  Finance the project „Development of Joint Life Science Center (Nr. VP2-1.1-ŠMM-04-V-01-016) from April 4, 2010,  is implementing with  research and development (R & D) infrastructure on base of  open access centers.

The building is under construction

End of constructional works: May 2015

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Main fields of research:

  1. Biomolecular structure and function research;
  2. Human, plant and microbial genome research;
  3. Antigenicity studies of recombinant viral proteins and development of monoclonal antibodies;
  4. Proteomic analysis;
  5. Structural biology and bioinformatics.
Number of researchers in the center: 180

Main business partners:
  • ThermoFisher Scientific Baltics (Lithuania)

  • Abcam AG (UK)

  • ArcDia (Finland)

  • Bayer Technology Service (Germany)

  • Ramidus AB (Sweden)

  • UAB Biotechfarma (Lithuania)

  • UAB Sorpo (Lithuania)

  • UAB Biocentras (Lithuania)

  • UAB Amilina (Lithuania)

Open Access Center (Joint Life Science Center) includes four units of Vilnius University - Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.


Contact us: Odeta Vaitkuvien?,

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania