Founded in 1975 as an independent research institution, now part of Vilnius University, the Institute of Biotechnology strives to maintain the high standards of excellence in scientific endeavour, research training and technological advance with its main focus in a broadly defined field of molecular biotechnology including nucleic acid and protein technologies, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, drug design, next generation epigenomic and gene editing technologies. The Institute provides an interface between advanced education, basic research and technological development for the economic and social benefit of Lithuania.


Department of Immunology and Cell Biology


Head of the Department
Dr. Aurelija Zvirbliene

Tel. +370 5 2602117 
Fax. +370 5 2602116

Dr. Arvydas Kanopka, senior scientist
Dr. Milda Ple?kaityt?, senior scientist
Dr. Petras Stak?nas, scientist
Dr. Indr? Ku?inskait?-Kodz?, scientist
Egl? Jakubauskien?, junior scientist
Rita Lasickien?, junior scientist
Daiva Bakonyt?, researcher biologist
Inga Pe?iulien?, researcher biologist
Aušra Vaitiekait?, researcher biologist
Liodz? Diglien?, laboratory assistant

PhD Students:
Indr? Dalg?dien?
Dovil? Dekaminavi?i?t?
Vaida Simanavi?ien?
Laurynas Vilys
Milda Zilnyt?
Vilija Rubinait?


Asta Lu?i?nait?, Martynas Simanavi?ius, Pijus Andrejauskas, Daina Pamedytyt?, Aist? Imbrasait?, Ugn? Kulieši?t?, Paulius Matulis, Jovita Tamulyt?